Auckland – Paihia (Rāhoroi, Maehe 24th 2012)

Believe it or not, first impression always lasts long. I Can’t forget how beautiful it was the New Zealand scenery view atop from the plane, especially during the sun rise. And i couldn’t forget how impatient i was to land. Auckland International Airport has a beautiful scenery as it’s located at the lip of the sea. As … Continue reading

Start (Rāmere , Maehe 23rd 2012)

Some say life is somehow planned and some say it’s unplanned. I’ve learned both in a different way and i’ve been through both. And this is the planned part of if. It doesn’t start on March 23rd 2012, it was started a year ago – or so when i talked with my friend Amelia about … Continue reading

A Journey to The Past – Sun’s Day

Unlike other hotel that usually has their kitchen, chef, and dining hall, Ipeace hotel offered their guests breakfast on the next-door restaurant. Luckily, along the alley, café, restaurant, and hotel were huddled, with the structure almost the same with those in Hanoi; 3 meters width, and 3-5 story building. We were told go to the … Continue reading