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A Journey to The Past – Sun’s Day

Unlike other hotel that usually has their kitchen, chef, and dining hall, Ipeace hotel offered their guests breakfast on the next-door restaurant. Luckily, along the alley, café, restaurant, and hotel were huddled, with the structure almost the same with those in Hanoi; 3 meters width, and 3-5 story building. We were told go to the … Continue reading

A Journey to The Past – Saturn’s Day

Like it’s never enough, that morning we headed back to Hanoi, to catch up air plane to Ho Chi Minh. And another journey took place… We took the same route that brought us to the Catba island by using bus-boat-bus ticket. The difference is that I was a bit piss-easy during the trip >_< After … Continue reading

A Journey to The Past – Freyja’s Day

I slept very well that night; the room wasn’t so cold compared to the outside temperature. And i woke up fresh in the morning, could not wait to try the breakfast menu. The food was delicious, and they offered so many kinds of food. The breakfast was just the red-herring from my detained passion to … Continue reading

A Journey to The Past – Thor’s Day

It was late at night when we made a decision to go to the Catba Island using public transportation (instead of our hotel’s tour package). As advised by our bible, we can buy 1 ticket to the Catba Island which includes bus-boat-bus travel. At first I felt reluctant with the choice *please don’t blame me*. … Continue reading

A Journey to The Past – Woden’s Day

The city seems to have the magic, I woke up in the morning couldn’t wait to have a trip around it. Not that I slept well, i got trembled and frozen, got prepackaged *very tight* on the blanked-and still got my hand slumped into my jacket number 2. I also wore jacket number 1 inside it … Continue reading

A Journey to The Past – Tiw’s Day

It’s been so hard for me to write something. I had never succeeded, either not sufficient time, difficulties of putting the idea into words, or something that was half-done lost its soul and direction in the middle of nowhere. At that moment, I thought that a writer is a genius. Writing book, column or news … Continue reading