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If i am to list 3 biggest regrets during my trip, that would be: Didn’t stay overnight in Lake Wanaka Didn’t stay overnight in Lake Tekapo Not qualified for zorbing Everything else was flawless, 20 hours seat-torturing inside the airplane, dragging along my 20 kilos luggage, 4 hours non-stop walking-hiking the franz josef, one night in princeton apartment, … Continue reading

Stripping the New Zealand Travel Cost

There are three main factors that play the biggest part of your travelling journey:  Strong self motivation to travel Time and chances Your  ‘Pocket’ The first one play the biggest role of all. If it serves best purposes, your strong desire will beat everything down. No matter what (whether it’s in the long-term or short-term it … Continue reading

Christhchurch City Tour (Rāmere, Āperira 6th 2012)

We spent our last day in New Zealand at Christchurch. There’s guided tour by Grand Tour which combines romantic punting ride, garden tours, beach walk, mall shopping and Historical tour. We took the itinerary, skipped the historical Sign of The Takahe and slipped the Willowbank Wildlife Reserve visit to the list. After having breakfast at Vic’s, … Continue reading

Franz Josef (Rātapu, Āperira 1st 2012)

One word to describe that day: BIG. On that BIG April fool day, we planned to explore Franz Josef Glacier by having half day tour. Since planning the trip, i had not been aware about glacier, never had i seen it or dream about it. So we entered this web about the glacier tour, and looked fantastic. … Continue reading