Day 1 – Reykjavik City Tour and Blue Lagoon

In Reykjavik, the sun rises at 11 and set at 4 pm. That means we only get 5 hour to get a glimpse in Reykjavik area. We have accustomed to wake up early in the morning, so we started to go by 9 am nonetheless. Sky is still dark though, and the temperature is minus 3 degrees. I wore 4 layers of clothes, and my bones are cracking, i just hope i could survive the winter. It was really a struggling to walk towards each spot.

First spot we hit is actually the most grandeur building i’ve ever seen. It’s Hallgrimskirkja. It such a high, tall concrete with tidy-arranged tall huge concrete with the tallest peak in the middle. But what gets you chill is not the snow outside, or the high tidy concrete, it the grand nuance it ooze once you get inside, especially if you look behind, just right above the entrance door was groups of steel pipe arranged beautifully to form art piece. It more of an art church for me. Beautiful indeed. When the sky is clear, try to go inside and climb to the top.

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We then walk north west towards Harpa, a cultural center right on a sea side, few minutes away from the old harbour. Harpa is such an artistically asymmetric building, which architecture brings a rainbow of color from its outside window. You can go inside to enjoy the building or watch any show/performances.
What mesmerize me the most is actually the arrangement of the piece-by-piece glass on its interior. Beautiful.

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The next spot we hit was Tjörnin. Half of the lake was frozen during that time. and the part that wasn’t frozen was filled with eider and water birds. Next to it was City Hall (Ráðhús Reykjavíkur), where on its underground was spread out the miniatur of Iceland. Too bad we just pass by the building and didn’t go inside. But i was told it was worth going inside.

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Wander around the city is another experience. Each building has a unique design and very attractive and exquisite. Especially those buildings around center Reykjavik, that mostly store and some residence. It’s almost like walking inside some cartoon movie, or mini houses that children love to play. They’re just lovely.

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We didn’t hit every highlight during the first day on Reykjavik, since we decided to ‘taste’ Blue Lagoon. Based on what we read, it seems a must-do on Iceland. Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa, one many in Iceland, located around 30 minutes from central Reykjavik. We book through Grayline, but that does not include the entrance fee to Blue Lagoon, just a pick-up and drop-off.

It was very windy all day long since in the morning. When we got there, it didn’t get better either. We decided to get into the pool anyway. Surprisingly, the pool was crowded, and it was warm, as long as you stay closer to the building – instead on the seaside edge. Inside the pool was silica mud. You can grab them and put in your body for self massage. Shortly, it wasn’t the best time to go to the pool. I would re-do it in daylight, with less winds storm against me from any direction.

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