Christhchurch City Tour (Rāmere, Āperira 6th 2012)

We spent our last day in New Zealand at Christchurch. There’s guided tour by Grand Tour which combines romantic punting ride, garden tours, beach walk, mall shopping and Historical tour. We took the itinerary, skipped the historical Sign of The Takahe and slipped the Willowbank Wildlife Reserve visit to the list.

After having breakfast at Vic’s, we went go Willowbank Wildlife Reserve. During the journey i’ve been obsessed to do these things:

  1. See Kiwi bird with my own eyes – be able to hug it if possible
  2. Hug a Sheep
  3. Stroke a Cow and Deer

So i was so excited when we were in Willowbank. I hadn’t been in the zoo or wildlife park. But i was amazed by the atmosphere inside the Willowbank. It has lots of species of birds, poultry, mammals, water animals which were separated through nets, cage, bar, etc but in a way as natural as possible. The segregation between animals was discreet and makes us feels that we just walk inside the wood and encounter its members.

First animal i saw was these flocks of duck in the duck pond. And these beautiful deer. They were freed and walking around these park.

With the help of Willowbank map, we circle the park and saw so many animals. These are those cute animals 🙂

  1. See Kiwi bird with my own eyes  – CHECKED (with blurry mode)
  2. Hug a Sheep – CHECKED
  3. Stroke a Cow and Deer – CHECKED

I’d been so obsessed to see Kiwi. So i was in the cave – dark cave – i was told that Kiwi hates light, and i was thinking “how am i supposed to see them?”. No, i couldn’t. The cave was really dark, only a flickering yellowish light. Since i entered it, i sweep all the spots, flock of flower, bushes, trees (or at least i thought that was it) but no kiwi did i see. My friend Amelia was also spotting each corner to see if there’s any kiwi. And when we were just about to step out of the cave, right in the left of exit door was only one kiwi we saw. It was really dark, i just recognized its shadow. Really disappointed 😦

From Willowbank we headed to Punting Area on Avon River. This river passes through Christchurch central area, with beautiful trees spread along the riverside. Park and bench were as well surrounding the river. Punting in the Avon more like kayaking on the river. And it’s a romantic way of enjoying Avon river with your loved ones. I certainly want to go back there for my honeymoon 🙂

As the boat rowed by the punter, birds and duck swimming on the river fly away and move aside to nearby trees and flowers. The wind breezed friendly and the sun shily penetrated those trees. That was second best experience in Christchurch after Willowbank Wildlife Park.

It was around 2 pm before we raced to Sumner seaside village. It was populous beach area where everyone flooded the sea sand and do lots of activities. Kinda bustling seaside area. We had lunch in the place where they still serve breakfast menu at 3 pm, walked along the beach side and went back Central to explore Christchurch Cashel Re-Start Mall.

The mall was in Cashel street, behind the bridge of remembrance ( a monument to remember those victims of massive earthquake in 2011). The mall was rebuilt using container that decorated inside and outside, making it an artistically site for a walk. Container was stacked up into 2-stories alike, what a great concept for a store.

From there, we walked back to Dorset House, picked up our luggage, and raced to the airport to catch our 00:00 am to Kuala Lumpur.

I don’t know if any other part of the world may outclass this country , but it was one memorable trip that leaves traces in my heart.

New Zealand for me was…

A place on earth where you feel unlike on earth, every places breath heaven…

A place that inspire the creation of a word “breath-taking”

A place where human, wildlife and vegetation live side by side on harmony, recreate definition of earth

A place where all colour in the world invented

A place where the sky, the horizon, and the land form a cohesive inexplicable sanctuary

A place that even when you have unleashed the very possible vocabulary you’ve ever known, they simply don’t do justice to its heavenly existence

A place where inspiration is in the air that you take

Simply – Beyond word…

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