Queenstown – Christchurch (Rāpare, Āperira 5th 2012)

We went back Christchurch by Great Sight Queenstown-Mount Cook- Christchurch Bus Tour with scenery stoppage along the way including in Mount Cook Village. It was only me and Amelia on the road since Adrian went back home that day.

South island truly is distinct compared to North Island. The landscape is more varies and it has bluish atmosphere (many lakes, river, dam, etc) along the road, compared to north island with its green nuance (cattle and vast green grass decorating alongside of the road).

The Lindis Pass – This amazing landscape makes an amazing curve above the horizon, remind me of those we encountered in the north island, but it’s brown and sometime looks like gold.

Dams, river, lake we passed and the sky sometime played tricks on the view, and paint the scenery blue. Half day summary: blue-blue-brown-gold-white-blue –blue-blue

Mackenzie country was the first combination of both goldish hills with darkslategrey or deepbluesky river.

We then entered this wide road, flanked by giant hills, and in the front of our road was this big mountain with ice on top of it. We stopped by at Mount Cook airport to drop passengers who wants to explore mount cook from above.

Few minutes later we entered the mount cook village. It is a village. Secluded by  towering mountain and hills, vast golden grassland, the area was relatively small, but organized. Few backpackers and motels, School, and Hotel. The school’s student was only 7, that’s how remote the area was. And they probably the children of those who work as motel owner or tour provider on that area.

The bus stopped at The Hermitage, luxury hotel and restaurant with the view of Mount Cook. Since we had no time to look for another place to have lunch, we entered the restaurant out there.  Left inside the Restaurant was this massive window with mount cook view. That was so gorgeous. Although the waiter mistaken the price for lunch package (NZD 43 for NZD 29) we enjoyed our lunch very much.

I thought the journey afterward was just some vast grassland on both side of the road. But i was fooled when we got to Lake Pukaki. Never had i imagined a lake with such a color. Color of aquamarine and turquoise. Such a heavenly place to be.

Like it wasn’t enough, we then stopped at Lake Tekapo, where the crystal-clear water of the lake play tricks on eyes. You can see those rocks were laying there like it’s not submerged in the water. As from afar, it looked like a spread of blue skate-playground. I just lost my words.

It was really, really really hard to leave Lake Tekapo, such a quick stop. I hadn’t pulled up myself together before we continued our trip to Christchurch. That being said, i thing Lake Tekapo was the best lake.

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