ChristChurch – Greymouth – Franz Josef (Rāhoroi, Maehe 31st 2012)

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That was the moving-day again from us, departed from Christchurch to Greymouth by Trans Alpine Train Service (rated as one of the world’s top six scenic trains), then continued with bus trip from Greymouth to FranzJosef.

Again, wonderful scenery on the plate, who wouldn’t want that. We passed this ‘beyond words’ landmark, that beautiful Arthur’s pass, a large conservation area on the south island. The scenery from CC to Greymouth was unlike anything we have seen before, it was like travel beyond ages, unlike earth and felt surreal. And we had chance to suck it all for 4,5 hours with 16 tunnels, and 5 viaducts.

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My favourite view was this scree with the river flows through it and the gothic blue river that flows between giant flat-topped rocky hills with the mountain view behind them. I was just speechless seeing all of them, amazed, tense, shock and excited all becomes one. Gasp…

After arriving at Greymouth, we continued our trip to Franz Josef with one stop in Hokitika. And around 7 pm we arrived at Franz Josef, checked in this great motel Punga Grove, grab dinner, and passed out.

Here’s Franz Josef at glance, as well as Punga Grove Motel

The Best

Best Line: “I don’t wanna miss anything” – said this old woman in 70s, she’s standing in the open air viewing carriage with me all the time, saw her got in once, and then got back out and she was there holding her camera, while mine on my webcam.

Best Scenery So Far Arthur’s pass

and here’s our itinerary

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  1. Thanks for finally writing about >ChristChurch – Greymouth
    – Franz Josef (Rāhoroi, Maehe 31st 2012) | il viaggio della vita <Loved it!

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