Napier – Wellington (Rāpare, Maehe 29th 2012)

That morning we were so excited about heading to Wellington. Our bus departed at 8 and time of arrival is 13:20. So the trip from Napier to Wellington is about 5,5 hours. And for the number of times i lost count, i couldn’t help between watching this beautiful scenery or give up my eyes.

More to the south, the scenery was more astonishing. The landscape varies even more. Some flat land of green grass and cattles were still seen, lots of sheep and cows. Land curves got even more dramatic, some of them snaking below the horizon and some mounts over the horizon from afar and on close distance.

But what yanked me awake from my seat was this super beautiful array of giant windmills in Tararua. I was yanked instantly when they were seen from afar, and i like tilting my head when we approached it. Yes, i’ve never seen a windmill in a close distance, and i hated it that i had to watch it while the bus in a move. It was AMAZING! I’ll let my pictures describe that to you. It was taken from the bus seat, and i’m sure, if you’re actually there, you can feel that you’re just a dwarf travelling in a giant world. They were so tall and gallant. Such an enjoyable drive.

We made a stop on Palmerston North for a quick break 30 minutes. Then we continued our journey. Those hilly views started to change when we entering Paekakariki and Pukerua Bay. Pukerua Bay is hometown of my favorite Movie Director, Peter Jackson. Its seaview was astonishing. It was only half an hour before we arrived at Wellington. The hilly landscape is actually still characterize the city, and some houses seen from a far built on top of those hills so it wasn’t plain like those seen in suburb area. And sheep soon replaced by cars, buses, and other vehicle. The atmosphere was as well changed, it’s bustling traffic, high building and the smell of modern city life started to infiltrate.

In Wellington, we stayed at downtown backpacker. This is the best place and deal we could get. It’s located just in front of the bus station, which is next to the train station, AS WELL AS harbour and MANY OTHER city main attractions and historical buildings. Fantastic! We didn’t have to heavily drag our bag ups and downs. Just straight away, and voila! There’s the hotel. It was like 70’s Hotel with old design and building, everything on the room makes you feel in 1970s. And when you’re out, it’s like you’re transporting to another world. Loved it!

We then headed to the restaurant nearby, Trade Kitchen, great lunch by the way. Then we started to explore the city.We only used the city map from the Hotel lobby as our direction. First we were down the queens wharf, TSB Bank Arena, Frank Kitts Park, Circa Theather and Te Papa Museum. We didn’t have quite much time to explore the museum, so we just walked past through it.

Next we headed to Lambton Quay to have Cable car experience it was 6 NZD to go up and return. It wasn’t just for tourist attraction, but also used for local people to head up to higher landscape in Wellington. Up to the top of it was a gorgeous scenery of Wellington City, as well as home of various species of flowers and unique plant for Wellington Botanical Garden. U can use free entrance to explore it, but don’t forget to bring a map or you’ll get lost.

Photos from Wellington Botanical Garden

Since it was 5 o’clock already, we didn’t quite have a proper exploration of the garden, just follow the floral path for half way and then turn back. Actually, if you got a chance to explore, any paths outlined in the map will bring you down back to the downtown. This is something i regret not to do. Anyway, we then straight away to beehive Parliament Building, government buildings and went for dinner.

It was already around 6 when we had dinner in one red dog amazing restaurant, great service, great atmosphere and great food. Had my first cannelloni.

The most
Most Mesmerizing View Terarua Wind Farm
Best Dinner So Far i’ve got to say, GMK’S Ravioli at Napier still the best though 
Most chilling wind Paihia gave a hard blows, but Wellington’s quay blows was harder, and it was freaking cold!

Highlights and Tips
– Grab for free city map
In every accommodation, there are lots of rack with brochure and pamphlets. Especially on the reception desk, there’s grab away map, just tear it up and have one, It’s free and very useful for city walk and activities deal.
– Strategic Hotel
I guess Wellington city central was very strategic that it has train station, bus station and ferry terminal in one area, also fairly near with tourist main attractions. When i tried to search for accommodation in advance, i couldn’t get anything else than downtown backpackers that was also strategic since we will use bluebridge ferry to cross cook strait toward New Zealand South Island. Again, select your accommodation that suits best your itinerary.
– Some website we used
Wellington City Map:
Wellington Cable Car:
Wellington Botanical Garden Map:
One Red Dog Restaurant:
Wellington Downtown Backpacker:

and here’s our itinerary

Day 7 Itinerary

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