A Journey to The Past – Saturn’s Day

Like it’s never enough, that morning we headed back to Hanoi, to catch up air plane to Ho Chi Minh. And another journey took place…

We took the same route that brought us to the Catba island by using bus-boat-bus ticket. The difference is that I was a bit piss-easy during the trip >_<

After 1 hour bus trip to Catba Harbor, I lead myself straight up to nữ vệ sinh (a.k.a toilet for ladies). I thought I was okay in the boat. But when I got down from the boat, it came again, while the bus was already full with passenger. I held it up, ensure myself it only less than 1 hour before I could reach the toilet in Haipong.

But things wasn’t easy for me (I kind of lost my luck in Halong Bay T_T), as another bus that took us from Haiphong to Hanoi was already there. Using the best hand signal, I asked the driver where the toilet was, and ask him to wait for me a little while. Poor me, he said there was no toilet *so I caught from his hand moves* and the driver would not wait for me, since the schedule was very tight *kyaaa….*. I stuck in that bus holding it for 2 hour T_T.

The only thing i could focus on was the kilometer indication sign, put in the middle of the road left-right barrier every 2 km to indicate how many kilometers more was Hanoi from that place. Anyhow, I flashed myself straight up to the toilet and left the boys *I think they knew where I was heading to* soon as we arrived, and thanks again for carrying my luggage down from the bus* (v^^)

We hurriedly headed to Hanoi Airport, caught up our plane to Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC). Lucky us (not really), one day before Mr. P checked his email and got the notification email from the airline (Jetstar Airways) that the flight will be put earlier by 1 hour. Soon we got there, we checked-in by Jetstar counter. Apparently, the flight was pushed back to the original time, which was 16:25 hour.

There aren’t many stories i can share during long waiting time in the airport. i sunk myself on my “Imperium”, take several time of looking at surrounding, and a small chat.

I noticed a view on a small kids, that was so attractive. She was cute, innocent, but at the same time emit firmness and sturdiness (she showed it when repulsed me trying to make a fun of her 🙂 ). She perhaps only 2 or 3 years old, accompanied by her grandfather (i assume). Her grandpa seems very protective to her, and her delinquency (she dropped a box of meal, and many other) didn’t seem to bother him. I saw a full-affection mutual need from a granchildren and her grandfather, something i didn’t see for quite a while.

Grandpha and his grandchild

look at the cute & sturdy face

Another story took place was the confiscation of some my belonging :). But the intrigue wasn’t the loosing of it, but the unpredictably way & sequence it was confiscated.  Here is the sequence:

1: Singapore Airport (flight to Hanoi) – I lost my bottle of mineral water (scissor, matches, nail scissors, fork, spoon, shampoo, soap were saved –slipped away from their interest, i guess)

2: Hanoi Airport (flight to HCMC) – I lost my scissor and fork (matches, nail scissors, spoon, shampoo, soap were slipped off)

3: Ho Chi Minh Airport (flight back to Singapore) – I lost my matches and nail scissor (you may list yourself what’s left of me)

All were put in hand-luggage actually, so it wasn’t surprising thing. The astonishing thing was the inconsistency of the officer in detecting my luggage *sigh…*

Anyway, the plan was delayed again, from 16:25 to 19:30, and it was nothing before the actual bad news came: Our plane was cancelled (heaven forbid it!). We were very dither about it, and searched for another flight to HCMC, before it was too late.

Mr. P and I went back and forth searching for a flight to HCMC. Finally we got Vietnam Airlines with additional cost, and the fee for JetStar flight was refund. Thanks to Mr. P for busy making it done to HCMC.

And there we finally flew :). 2 hours flight is a long time, especially when you have nothing to do. But things went well for Mr.S, as he seated next to a beautiful plastic surgery Vietnamese doctor. They had a very pleasant conversation (so I noticed) not less than 2 hours, he was even allowed to borrow her car for travelling around HCMC. But I didn’t know whether he was offered a free plastic-surgery for nose-do or not (peace…).

We arrived in HCMC around 9pm and a taxi brought us directly to our Ipeace Hotel, located in the 1st district of Hanoi, the center of the city, and the busiest place.

HCMC is a completely different experience compared to the Hanoi. HCMC is a city forward, full with modern building, shopping center, tall building, and at a glance, it looked flashy and alive. I’d rather compare HCMC to Singapore during the end of the year, or probably Jakarta. The city was decorated by flower-motives, Christmas tree, and a snow-ball-like flashy light. It reminded me much of Singapore.

Anyway, there was nothing much we could do since it was already 10 pm. We just bought some mineral water & instant noodle for dinnerJ.  You can always count on instant noodle for critical situation. But yes, so many restaurant, bar and café ware still opened. I thought they were even started. Besides that, we also stopped by the tourist agent (that was still open until 11 pm J) to book a private one-day-tour in HCMC for the next day. Perfect City, check! Perfect Trip itinerary, check! Dinner, nope, not yet…

We went back to the hotel brewing some deliciouza instant noodle…sluurppp…

Day Five, 2 January 2010, the Ho Chi Minh City

“Come dress yourself in love, let the journey begin” – Francesca Da Rimini

Note: Saturn is Roman god of agriculture, justice and strength. Saturn’s Day is where the “Saturday” comes from.

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